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Before, I love to try different kind of restaurants and write reviews about it. Since I gained six kilos in weight, I need to lessen my eating habit. But it never stop me to try once in while good restaurants in town, so yesterday I tried this “Tororo Sushi” restaurant.

Tororo Sushi Restaurant Atwood was open three years ago and until now they continuously operating and very successful. The quality of food is great and the taste is mouthwatering.


Tororo Sushi is located on the building next to the coffee plantation in Sukhumvit 63 Bangkok.

- If travelling by car, it is very easy to locate and you can park your car on that building.

- If traveling by train to Ekamai station, take an exit Wat That Thong and then walk back to Ekkamai intersection then turn right through the Akamai coffee house. The Horizon building will be on your right hand.


When you entered the restaurant, you will feel the atmosphere from Japan. Inside the restaurant is surrounded by cherry blossom trees and the facilities are made from wood. They also have fresh seafood that you will see and choose from like the in the Tsukji fish market.

So let’s try their food. First is the soup, it is a hot miso soup in a small cute cup that you will enjoy to sip while waiting for the main course. The smell is really good by the way.

The soup is usually made with four ingredients: water, miso, tofu and seaweed. It’s so warm, comforting and savory that you’ll definitely want to have some more if you already finish one cup.

The salmon fish in soy sauce is one of my favorite appetizer. The sweetness and salty flavor blends together that keeps this food very special. I like the taste very much and I always bought and extra one to bring at home.

One of the main course is the Salmon Sashimi. It is raw salmon meat fish that is incredibly beautiful with subtle flavor, delicate texture and vivid color that makes it a unique eating experience. It is high in protein, low in fat and it really tastes good.

On the left side is the Otoro Sushi fish, it comes from the lower belly of the fish towards the head. While the second one is the Toro Salmon which is the fatty belly of salmon. Both are very tender, juicy and buttery that really melts in your mouth. It is complex with tons of flavor and has everything you would expect from raw fish.

Ama Ebi shrimp is a cold water shrimp and known for its sweet taste. This kind of shrimp is best enjoyed raw rather than cooked because you will taste its full sweetness.

Kani Miso is a grey or green colored paste and it is usually in a good sized spoonful or two from a single crab. 

Matsusaka beef is very delicious. It is known for its frosty appearance, sweet, fat and soft texture. Adding with some flavors on the top makes it more tasteful.

You will also find the Engawa on the menu list, this is a thin muscle located on the side of the Halibut fish. It has a higher fat content which makes it delicacy. It is very soft, chewy and has more concentrated flavor.

The flat body fish, we known as a flounder fish. The texture is unique, crispy and fragrance when it was roasted.

The final two pieces are the Fole Gras, a liver of a duck or goose that is very rich and buttery in flavor and the Jin-Tara fish that has a mild sweet taste and a little crunchier in texture.

For the dessert, I ordered Hokkaido Milk Rolls cake, it is made from cream, milk, and egg. The taste is perfect because it is not that sweet. It is incredibly soft, light and floppy. Have been eyeing on this cake for quite some time and finally I got a chance to try this out.


Tororo Sushi is one option for those who like to eat raw fish.

For inquiry, you can call 02 714 2228 or you can check in LINE: @tororosushi